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Treasured Love Memorial


‘A Heart Full Of Memories’ Memorial Digital Keyring



Our ‘heart full of memories’ memorial digital keyrings are individually handmade from resin and contain cremation ashes/hair and opal, and each one contains a smart chip that connects to a personalised memorial tribute page that includes-

* Life story

* Memory montage

* Gallery

* Tributes

* Remembrance candle

Each smart chip is compatible with all smart phones after 2008.
With just a wave of your phone you can access your treasured memories, and remember your lost loved one, as well as create a lasting legacy of memories for future generations too.
You can also choose for your items to be unlocked and public for anyone to access, or you can password protect them, so that only those with the password can access the memories stored, making it a private and intimate experience.

* Each keyring comes with an info print out.

* Formatting and programming service included.

Available in any colour.


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