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Welcome To The 'Heavenly' Collection

Exclusive to Tesoramore

The ‘Heavenly’ Collection, Tesoramore
The 'Heavenly' Collection

In Loving Memory

"When you miss me, just look up the stars in the sky, and know that I am there shining down on you"

Our 'Heavenly' Collection is an exclusive luxury collection which has been designed to help you remember your lost loved ones like shining stars in the night sky.

Each 'Heavenly' memorial piece contains-

* Your loved ones cremation ashes/hair or a piece of sentimental material

* 'Night sky' opal

* 1 x 1mm Diamond (0.005 carat, H1/P2)

Making this collection both beautiful & sentimental.

The ‘Heavenly’ Collection, Tesoramore

At Tesoramore, we believe that remembering lost loved ones can be done in a beautiful and profound way, and this is why we created the 'Heavenly' Collection.

Whether you choose a design from our 'Classic' Collection, or our 'Exclusive' Collection, you will receive a sentimental keepsake you can treasure for life.

The ‘Heavenly’ Collection, Tesoramore

Explore the 'Heavenly' Collection-

** Please note that all 'classic' design completion takes 2-3 weeks, and 'exclusive' designs 4-6 **
The ‘Heavenly’ Collection, Tesoramore
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