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Welcome To Tesoramore- Memorial Keepsake Specialists-
Pioneers of digital memorial jewellery, Urns & Keepsakes

At Tesoramore we offer the most comprehensive memorial collections and services of the highest quality, and made with meticulous care, because we understand that memorial jewellery is so much more than just a piece of jewellery, it's a tangible connection to a loved one that is missed dearly, and a source of comfort and peace in times of grief.

Welcome to Tesoramore.
We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and sentimental memorial products and services to have ever been created.

At Tesoramore we believe that in life, the most treasured possessions you'll ever own are your memories, as memories last not only a lifetime, but beyond as they become a legacy for family and future generations.

And so we wanted to create a way for people to not only cherish their most treasured memories, but to encapsulate them in elegant, timeless and tangible designs that can be worn, displayed, gifted and handed down as future heirlooms as a memento of life's beautiful experiences.

Each momentous special occasion and milestone can be captured and encapsulated in different ways, and is is also a interactive and special way for families to stay connected, and jointly share their special memories, creating a memorable digital album that will be stored safely for life.

We also understand the devastating impact losing a loved one can have on individuals and families too, and this is why we offer Memorial Legacy tributes in truly special memorial designs.

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