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Funeral Directors Collaborations

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Funeral Directors, Tesoramore

Funeral directors collaboration

At Tesoramore we proudly collaborate with some of the UK's most trusted Funeral Directors, to offer our bespoke designs to their valued customers.

We pride ourselves on offering memorable designs and concepts along with classic designs, amazing customer care, and we ensure that we work closely alongside customers who have lost loved ones, to offer a semblance of comfort in the form of memorial jewellery/ keepsakes, because we understand the sentimental significance of this process.

The benefits of collaborating with us-


If you choose to collaborate with us, you will be joining us on our mission to make a significant sentimental impact in the funeral world.
We have designed a concept for offering digital memoralize keyrings to accompany our jewellery designs, so that each customer gets a truly bespoke keepsake set in loving memory of their beloved, and this is EXCLUSIVE to us.
Each one is matched to the colour of their jewellery design and contains a personalised digital montage of their loved one, helping them to encapsulate precious memories of their loved one that have passed, and re-visit with just a wave of their phone over it.


You have the guarantee that not o your customers will receive memorial designs of the highest quality, because at Tesoramore Jewellery we only use genuine precious and exotic metals, sourced from some of the UK's most trusted precious metal suppliers, that are fully accredited with ISO certifications.
This ensures that your pieces are made with meticulous care by a professional jeweller, from the highest quality materials.


We offer competitive commission rates of 20%.


All of our FD collaborations can set up a personalised secure log in account for each store where they can place orders, request ashes packs and view new arrivals, along with digital catalogue signs to display for customers to browse our products.


Each Funeral Director Service that we collaborate with is listed with a website link our 'memorial jewellery' page, creating more digital traffic between businesses.


We are the UK's ONLY memorial reivention jewellery service.

If you would like to discuss collaborating with us further, and would like more details, please complete the 'register now' form at the top of the page, and we will contact you asap

We look forward to working with you.

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