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Are you a funeral service supplier that is looking to offer your customers something that is both unique & meaningful?
We are Tesoramore Ltd. and we are a Portsmouth based, family run business that offers memorial jewellery and keepsakes that are truly memorable.
We have specialised in memorial jewellery for some time and offer both classic designs, as well as custom bespoke pieces, and are also proud to be the UKs only memorial jewellery reinvention service.
As well as the above services, we have also recently launched the worlds first ever 'smart digital' plaques, which include headstone plaques, ground/grave markers, urn plaques and bench plaques.
Our digital plaques are unique in that, unlike QR code plaques we use smart technology.
This is more discreet, aesthetically pleasing, sentimental (due to the concept- a heart full of memories'), and can also be password protected due to this technology, for those that would prefer it.
Each plaque is made by us from the highest quality acrylic, is fully waterproof, and the digital programming service for the webpage is included in the cost, as is the web hosting costs (unlike our competitors).
We also uniquely offer a free memorial web page with every memory jewellery design order, which is accessed by scanning the jewellery box, and this is exclusive to only us.
In addition to that, we have recently launched our memorial digital jewellery collection which involves combining the ashes and memories together in one piece, making what we offer so unique, memorable and special.
Each digital webpage (for both accompanying webpages and digital jewellery) contains-
* Life story
* Memorial montage
* Gallery
* Tributes
* Remembrance digital candle
We have trialed these products in Hampshire, and have had a huge response, and amazing feedback from customers, and the Funeral Director services that we already supply to.
We are now ready to expand our range, and offer these products to funeral services both in the U.K and abroad, and we genuinely believe that our memorial designs and concepts will revolutionise the memorial industry.

Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

Digital box/Memorial Tribute Page With Every Order

When you place a memorial order with us (including pet memorial) you will receive an exclusive digital jewellery box (also includes memorial pen boxes), which when scanned with your phone opens up your personalised memorial page, which can include-

* Life story

* Memories montage (which can include voice notes or video)

* Gallery (up to 25 photos)

* Tributes

* Remembrance candle (to mark special remembrance dates)

Helping you to uniquely encapsulate not only your lost loved ones cremation ashes, but their precious memories that you can re-visit with just a wave of your phone, whenever you are missing your loved one.
- Please note, edits can be made, once page is programmed and published for an administration fee of £25.00.

See digital memorial jewellery box Demo-
Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

Digital Memorial

Our Digital Memorial Collection is EXCLUSIVE only to Tesoramore, and includes digital memorial designs, making memorial jewellery & keepsakes even more memorable.

About Digital Memorial
Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

Memorial Jewellery

Tesoramore Memorial Jewelley offers beautiful bespoke designs that can include your loved ones cremation ashes/hair.
You can choose from our beautiful classic designs, or luxurious exclusive designs, to commemorate your loved ones in a beautiful and timeless way.

About Memorial Jewellery
Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

Memorial Jewellery Reinvention

At Tesoramore, we offer a very unique reinvention memorial jewellery service.

We are able to take your old, unwanted or broken jewellery (Sterling silver, 9k Golds, 18k Golds, 22k Golds) and completely reinvent it in to an entirely new, bespoke piece to hold cremation ashes/hair.

About Memorial Jewellery reinvention
Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

Custom designs

At Tesoramore, we are able to custom make designs, according to the customers tastes and requirements.

Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

1- Full collaboration- (20% commission)

For this arrangement, we offer 20% commission per order, and provide a secure log-in system where you can access our collaboration digital catalogue on behalf of your clients (which automatically includes your 20% commission in the listed prices, (meaning you can show them the items listed at commission cost.)
You will be able to manage the entire order by ordering directly through us, arranging ashes delivery/collection (we will provide you with ashes packs), and taking payment from your customers to then place the order with us.
You will do this via an order form system, which will generate an invoice for each specific item that will be sent directly to you.
We only take orders with payment up front, so once payment is made to you by the customer you pay us via bank transfer for the amount excluding your 20% commission, which you keep.
Once payment is made and ashes are received we begin the order. Once the order is complete, the items/s will be sent back directly to you, along with remaining ashes, so you can then present that order to your customer.

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Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

2- Customer Referrals- (10% commission)

For this arrangement we offer 10% commission per order, in return for you recommending us to your customers.
We will provide you with flyers and a digital frame with QR code for our specific referral catalogue (including your 10% commission).
Each referral order will come with a 'recommended by' required info section, and you will automatically receive a copy of that order form, along with your 10% commission payment, via the bank account of our choice.
We will also list your business on our website and socials as a preferred service, and include your website link.

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Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore


For this arrangement we offer bulk buy discounts on our digital headstone plaques, in order for you to sell them yourselves through your business.
How it works-
When you sign up as a retailer, you will be able to buy plaques in bulk to sell on to your customers at a bulk discount price.
Bulk discounts are as follows-
* 5 x Plaques = 15% discount
* 10 x Plaques = 20% discount
* 30 x Plaques = 20% discount
* 40 x Plaques = 20% discount
* 50 x Plaques = 20% discount
Each individual plaque comes with its own individual I.D number and info slip, for you customer to scan and complete so that we can program their plaque.

Funeral Services Sign Up, Tesoramore

Order Display Stock

We offer the opportunity to order display items from us for you to display in your premises, but we do however require a deposit to cover the cost of the materials.
If at any point you would like to return these items, we will refund your full deposit to you, providing they are in the identical condition that you received them in.
Please click button for display bundles. (If you would prefer specific items, or a tailored bundle please email us at to arrange).

Display bundles

The benefits of working with us-


If you choose to collaborate with us, you will be joining us on our mission to make a significant sentimental impact in the funeral industry.
We are hugely passionate about not only products we create, but the service that we provide, and constantly strive to continue to create beautiful, heartfelt memorial designs that are one of a kind, and unforgettable.
Our innovative approach and designs have created a huge impact so far, and we are only just at the beginning of our journey. There is still so much more to come, and we'd love you to join us on this journey.


You have the guarantee that your customers will only receive memorial designs of the highest quality, because at Tesoramore we only use genuine precious and exotic metals, sourced from some of the UK's most trusted precious metal suppliers, that are fully accredited with ISO certifications.
This ensures that their pieces are made with meticulous care by a professional jeweller, from the highest quality materials.


We offer competitive commission rates and a warm but professional approach.


Each Funeral Service that we collaborate with is listed on our website with their own website link , creating more digital traffic between businesses.


We are the UK's ONLY memorial reinvention jewellery specialist, which is proving to be a much sought after service, giving us another unique selling point against our competitors.


We offer custom bespoke designs, so if a customer is looking for something a little more unique or luxurious, then we can custom make that for them, as opposed to just having a 'set' catalogue with no room for adapting or changing designs.


We look forward to working with you.

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