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Gemstone Studio


Gemstone Studio, Tesoramore
welcome to the gemstone studio


Gemstone Studio, Tesoramore

exclusive in-house stone setting

Our jewellery collection includes in-house stone set designs.
We select high quality precious stones, which we set into our designs, with meticulous care and attention.
We offer a wide range of precious gemstone options, but can also source custom stones on request.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Discuss Custom Stones
Gemstone Studio, Tesoramore
Gemstone Studio, Tesoramore
Gemstone Studio, Tesoramore

exclusive Tesoramore jewellery setting

At Tesoramore, we have pioneered a technique that is used as a cast setting for jewellery designs that is beautifully bespoke.

We create these settings at our in-house gemstone studio by combining finely crushed precious gemstones, along with diamond dust, which is then delicately hand laid by our very own artisan to create your jewellery piece.

we also use this technique for our memorial design settings, where we incorporate cremation ashes or hair into the gemstone setting to make beautiful memorial keepsakes.
See colour guide below for colour options.

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