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Digital Memorial Designs, Tesoramore
Digital Memorial Designs

Exclusive to Tesoramore

Welcome to Tesoramore Digital Memorial Jewellery & Keepsakes.
Our exclusive digital memorial designs uniquely combine preserving your loved ones ashes and memories into jewellery and keepsakes, to create a tangible and timeless design that offers comfort in times of grief, and a permanence in connection that can be treasured forever.
Each chosen digital memorial design is expertly made in-house by our specialist memorial and digital specialists team, and contains a beautiful memorial montage (up to 10 x photos) that is programmed using our SmartScan™ technology, and can be accessed by just simply holding your phone over your keepsake, and tapping your screen.
There are no apps required, or QR codes used, nor do you need to open your camera for this. All you need is a smart phone made after 2008.

Digital Memorial Designs, Tesoramore

How To Order Digital Memorial Designs

Cremation ashes and memories preservation jewellery & Keepsakes.
Our digital designs offer a large range of beautiful memorial designs that encapsulate your loved ones cremation ashes/hair and a digital memorial montage into the design of your choice.
To order, simply select your design from our digital collection, and once your order has been placed an ashes postal pack will be sent to you, and you will also receive a content form for you to provide up to 10 photos for your montage.
Once we receive your loved ones ashes, you will receive confirmation of this from our memorial care co-ordinator, and your design and montage will be made for you, and programmed to your design.

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Digital Memorial Designs, Tesoramore

For international shipping, please contact us for a quote.

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