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Wood workshop


In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore
welcome to the tesoramore wood workshop


In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore

exclusive in-house handcrafted woodwork

At Tesoramore, all of our wooden jewellery designs are created in-house by our wood turning artisan, making them truly bespoke.
Wooden jewellery designs have become really popular over that last few years, but why choose a wooden jewellery design?

Our handcrafted wooden jewellery offers a real organic and earthy alternative to run-of-the-mill jewellery. They give a sense of nature and earthiness which creates a more rustic design.

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In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore

exclusive handcrafted memorial jewellery & keepsakes

At Tesoramore, we believe that your lost loved ones should be remembered in a truly unique and beautiful way and this is why we offer custom made wooden memorial jewellery.
Made with exotic woods, precious metals, cremation ashes/hair and finely crushed precious gemstones.
Timeless and bespoke pieces that you can treasure for life.

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In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore

how strong are our wooden rings?

Naturally the wooden rings we create are not as strong as pure metal rings, but with the right care, and if treated as ‘precious items’, they can give many years of pleasure. Each ring is individually handcrafted from carefully selected beautiful wood, with special attention paid to strength, durability and of course the grain and patternation.

All of our wooden rings are protected with a specially formulated maintenance free hardwearing TREATMENT. However we offer the following advice regarding all wooden rings- - Minimize long periods of water/moisture exposure. our wooden rings are water resistant but not 100% waterproof. All of our wooden rings carry a one year warranty, as long as the 'care instructions' above have been adhered to. Our warranty does not cover accidental breakage. If you find that you have scratched your ring or that it is losing some of its original lustre through general wear we may be able to bring back its original shine and colour. Please contact us to discuss.

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In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore


When it comes to our wooden jewellery designs we only use he highest quality precious metals and stones, as well as sourcing the highest quality of woods (INCLUDING EXOTIC WOODS) too. Making them both precious and durable.

In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore

wood options available for jewellery & keepsakes

We strive to source the highest quality exotic woods for our jewellery ad keepsakes, and offer a large variety of options (see wood chart below), however if we do not have your wood of choice please contact us to discuss.

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In-house wood workshop, Tesoramore


All of our jewellery comes in our standard white draw boxes, but if you would like to keep with a rustic theme, we offer wooden ring boxes (at an additional cost) instead.

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