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Classic Memorial, Tesoramore
WELCOME TO Tesoramore Memorial Jewellery

Bespoke Designs

Welcome to Tesoramore Memorial Jewellery Designs.
We specialise in bespoke memorial, and a majority of our work is commission orders from our valued customers.
We specialise in memorial designs, and offer a choice of hidden ashes, or visible ashes, depending on your preference, and each one is also filled with opal and diamond dust (unless plain coloured resin is requested).
Every single memorial jewellery piece that you order from us also comes with a SmartScan™ authentication box, which is a really beautiful and unique way to commemorate your loved one, and this is exclusive only to us.

memorial Custom orders we have made so far-

To order any of the above, or book a free design consultation click below-

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Classic Memorial, Tesoramore

Receiving your loved ones ashes-

Whenever you order a memorial design with us, it will automatically generate a delivery pack request. This is a free memorial pack with instructions for those that cannot attend face-to-face consultations, to explain on how to send us your loved ones cremation ashes/hair.

Each pack includes-

* 1 safe-seal tub

* 1 wooden spoon

* 1 pair of plastic gloves

* Order form

* Pre-paid return postage stamps and return address sticker.
We also offer a 'drop-off' service, for those that would prefer to hand over their loved ones ashes in person.
This is booked at our Portsmouth base.
If you would like to access this service please click button.

'drop off' service
Classic Memorial, Tesoramore
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