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SmartScan™ Memorial

Funeral Directors Catalogue

FD Collab- oak urn box, Tesoramore

SmartScan™ Oak urn box

Shipping- 2-3 weeks delivery.

Our SmartScan™️ urn boxes are a world exclusive.
At Tesoramore we understand the long lasting impact losing a loved one can have, and the importance of things that can bring comfort in those times of grief.
This is why we are constantly striving to create heartfelt products that offer solace, to help people through their hardest times.
We believe that although a lost loved one may no longer be physically here, there memories are, and we have created the worlds first ever SmartScan™️ urn box, so that you can encapsulate your loved one, and their memories in one special place.
Our urn boxes are solid oak, and contain our exclusive SmartScan™️ technology, making them one of a kind.
Each box contains a our exclusive technology that automatically connects to a personalised memorial page when you scan the heart on the plaque with a smart phone.
Each memorial page includes-
* Life Story
* Memory montage video
* Photo gallery
* Personal tributes
* Remembrance candle
This is a beautiful and heartfelt way to memorialise a lost loved one, and create a lasting legacy of their memories.
Solid oak, with brushed gold plaque and handles.

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