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Memorial Digital Keyring- Wood

Funeral Directors Catalogue

FD- Digital keyring wood, Tesoramore

Memorial Digital keyring- wood

The 'Classic' Collection (2-4 weeks delivery).

Memorial digital keyrings are a brand-new and unique way to remember your lost loved ones, and carry them with you in more than just your mind and heart.
Each one contains your loved ones cremation ashes/hair, along with a personalised digital montage of your loved one, helping you to encapsulate precious memories of your loved one that have passed, and re-visit with just a wave of your phone over it.
Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email request for up to 10 x photos of your choice, and one song for your keyring to be made.
Each multi wood keyring is individually handmade, and can be made in various woods (see wood guide below)
20 x 20 mm, 6mm depth.

FD- Digital keyring wood, Tesoramore
FD- Digital keyring wood, Tesoramore

wood guide-

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