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SmartScan™️ Memorial

By Tesoramore Ltd.

FD- Gilded Rose Urn, Tesoramore

SmartScan™️ Gilded Rose Urn Ornament

Classic Collection- 2-3 weeks delivery.

Our SmartScan™️ Gilded rose urn ornaments are a beautiful way to encapsulate a token of your loved ones ashes, and their precious and priceless memories.
Each Gilded rose urn is stainless steel keepsake and 9.29” tall, the width of the flower is 2.44”.
The weight of the small urn is 0.79 lb.
This small keepsake urn is made for holding a small amount of ashes in the flower, and comes with a funnel and spoon.
It also comes with an oak circle plinth (150mm) featuring a personalised digital plaque, which when scanned connects to all of your memories of your loved one.
This a beautiful and and tangible way to memorialise your loved one.

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