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Digital Plaques

Funeral Directors Catalogue

FD- Headstone Plaque- Square, Tesoramore

Digital Headstone Plaque- Square

Classic Collection- 2-3 weeks delivery.

' A Heart Full Of Memories’ Headstone Plaquettes- Square (60mm x 60mm x 3mm). Our headstone plaquettes are a beautiful memorial digital tribute which come with a personalised memorial page includes-
* Life Story
* Memories Montage
* Gallery
* Tributes
* Remembrance Candle
Each plaquette is expertly made from high quality acrylic and can be made in black and metallic silver or black and metallic gold, and includes a smart chip that is compatible with all smart phones after 2008.
With just a wave of your phone you can access your treasured memories, and create a lasting legacy for current family members, and future generations too.
Plaque accessibility- you can choose for your plaque to be unlocked and public for anyone to access, or you can password protect it, so that only those with the password can access the memories stored, making it a private experience. If you choose a password protected plaque you will be sent a digital access card that you can share with those you would like to allow access to also.
Each headstone plaquette has a self-adhesive backing to enable you to securely place on your loved ones headstone, and is fully weatherproof.
Formatting and programming service included. No monthly fees for content.

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