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The 'Heavenly' Collection

Funeral Directors Catalogue

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FD- Heavenly Collection Offset Band, Tesoramore

The 'Heavenly' Offset Band

Handmade heavy weight band, with handcarved ‘offset’ full surround narrow inlay, filled with our exclusive ‘Heavenly’ exclusive setting.

Custom made in any size.

Widths available- 6mm, 8mm.

Material available-
* Sterling silver (hallmark 925) * 9k Yellow gold * 9k White gold * 9k Rose gold

This ring contains-

* Your loved ones cremation ashes/hair or a piece of sentimental material

* 'Night sky' opal

* 1 x 1mm Diamond (0.005 carat, H1/P2)
FD- Heavenly Collection Offset Band, Tesoramore

6mm band-

8mm band-

** Please note that this particular memorial design is from our 'Exclusive' Collection, so completion for this item is 4-6 weeks.**
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