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The 'Heavenly' Collection

Funeral Directors Catalogue

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FD- Heavenly Collection- Stacker set, Tesoramore

The 'Heavenly' Stacker Set

This stacker set is composed of 2 beautiful rings, which compliment each other beautifully.

RING 1- Handcrafted 3mm band with exclusive ‘Heavenly’ setting.
RING 2- Handmade half-set diamond band. 2mm band with 10 x 1.5mm 0.015 carat diamonds.

Custom made in any size.

This ring contains-

* Your loved ones cremation ashes/hair or a piece of sentimental material

* 'Night sky' opal

* 1 x 1mm Diamond (0.005 carat, H1/P2)
FD- Heavenly Collection- Stacker set, Tesoramore
** Please note that this particular memorial design is from our 'Exclusive' Collection, so completion for this item is 4-6 weeks.**
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