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The ULTIMATE Gifting Experience

Exclusive to Tesoramore

At Tesoramore, we truly understand the importance of creating memories that can last a life time.
Not only do we specialise in sentimental jewellery and gifts, but we also specialise in sentimental services, and we wanted to include our beautiful jewellery in that process... and this is why we have now added a digital gifting service to all of our jewellery & hand made pens by presenting them in gift boxes that will include your personalised gifting message.
You can choose to do this as a written message, voice note or recorded message, and we program this to the gift box of your design, making it a truly memorable gift.
Give your loved one the ULTIMATE gift experience, and show them how much you care with Tesoramore.
* Please note, once you have placed your order, you will receive a form for you to upload your digital content.
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