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Demo for Memorial Digital Box

Exclusive to Tesoramore

Standard Treasured Love Box-

When you place a memorial order with us (including pet memorial) you will receive an exclusive digital jewellery box (also includes memorial pen boxes), which when scanned with your phone opens up your personalised memorial page, which can include-

* Life story

* Memories montage (which can include voice notes or video)

* Gallery (up to 25 photos)

* Tributes

* Remembrance candle (to mark special remembrance dates)

Helping you to uniquely encapsulate not only your lost loved ones cremation ashes, but their precious memories that you can re-visit with just a wave of your phone, whenever you are missing your loved one.
- Please note, edits can be made, once page is programmed and published for an administration fee of £25.00.

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