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Memories & Celebrations- Sentimental Digital Jewellery & Gifts, Tesoramore
Memories & Celebrations

with Tesoramore

At Tesoramore we believe that in life, the most treasured possessions you'll ever own are your memories, as memories last not only a lifetime, but beyond as they become a legacy for family and future generations.
And so we wanted to create a way for people to not only cherish their most treasured memories, but to encapsulate them in elegant, timeless and tangible designs that can be worn, displayed, gifted and handed down as future heirlooms as a memento of life's beautiful experiences.
Each momentous special occasion and milestone can be captured and encapsulated in different ways, and is is also a interactive and special way for families to stay connected, and jointly share their special memories, creating a memorable digital album that will be stored safely for life.
But what makes our memories platform one of the most comprehensive and unique to have ever existed is the fact that you can continue to add memories to your personalised page whenever you chose, and store future memories too with an UNLIMITED capacity.
Making your personal page a lifelong digital journal of a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

Memories & Celebrations pages-

Milestone events such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and major life accomplishments create core memories that should never be forgotten.

Momentous occasion's such as marriage proposal's, pregnancy announcements, moving into a first home are not only memories that hold so much sentimental importance due to the new beginning that follows, but the memories that are then created after, as a result can be included too. Capturing a beautiful series of events that become precious life memories.

Our parenthood journey pages allow you to record your own beautiful journey of parenthood.
You can include your first moments of receiving the news that you are expecting, your sonogram images/videos, audio's of your baby's heartbeat, baby shower images, and then every moment you capture thereafter from birth, to babies milestones and first's, for the rest of your parenthood journey can be recorded and stored here, then encapsulated in your chosen designs.

Every love story is beautifully unique, and from the moment you meet your person, every single moment and memory matters.
Our Love Story pages are dedicated to your very own personal love story, and the moments you share, and memories you create through your journey through life side by side.

When two people get married, the wedding day is to celebrate their love.
Whether it's a small intimate wedding, or a large celebratory affair, the day is a celebration that will never be forgotten as it signifies the start of life as a married couple.
Our Wedding pages not only contain special memories of the day such as the first dance, cutting the cake and family moments, but the journey of married life too, by the wedding page being the first memories captured, and allowing you to upload marriage memories in the future too such as anniversaries and family announcements.

Why not share your page as a family account, allowing other family members to contribute memories, and share in the memories posted?
There is no extra cost for the page to have multiple users, only for the chosen designs that the page is programmed to.

Each personalised memories page is created for you and is hosted by us for life for the subscription price of £5.99pm (which includes ongoing edits and maintenance service) and contains-

* Your chosen header (i.e- occasion/family name/personal details).

* An unlimited image gallery
* A text section for your chosen information.
* Your own personalised link for video/audio recordings.
* A social media share button
And then that page is programmed to your chosen design which you purchase separately (see below for options)-

Key features of 'memories & Celebrations' pages-

1- No hidden fees.
2- Web hosting for life.
3- digital programming service included, also including video/audio uploads.
4- page edits available as part of the subscription.
5- life time warranty for each digital page.


Memories & Celebrations- Sentimental Digital Jewellery & Gifts, Tesoramore

how to sign up/order-

Sign up to subscription service.
On signing up to your monthly subscription service, you will be sent a content form for you to send the details of your page requirements, as well as a invitation to your very own whatsapp chat for future content.
Purchase the design that you wish your page to be programmed to.

STEP 3- Once we have received your completed content form your personalised page will be created, and chosen design will be custom made, and then programmed with your page.

When your design is programmed and ready it will be posted to you along with instructions on how to use.

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Memories & Celebrations- Sentimental Digital Jewellery & Gifts, Tesoramore

important information-

All of our Digital Designs are compatible with any smart smartphones (including IPhones and Samsung), made after 2008.

for information on how to use these designs please visit-

How to use-
Memories & Celebrations- Sentimental Digital Jewellery & Gifts, Tesoramore
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