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Pet Memorial Tribute Page

Exclusive to Tesoramore

Pet Memorial Tribute Page, Tesoramore
Pet Memorial Tribute Page

Exclusive To Tesoramore

''If you find you are missing me, hold your phone close for our memories.

Welcome to Treasured Love Pet Memorial Tribute Pages.

Our Treasured Love Pet memorial tribute pages are a brand-new, and unique way to memorialise a beloved pet that has passed away, and revisit special memories, whenever you are missing them, and carry them with you wherever you may go.
Each personalised page comes with 1 x wallet/purse sized smart card , which connects to your treasured memories.
Memorial tribute webpage includes-
* Pet info
* Memories montage (which can include voice notes or video)
* Gallery (up to 25 photos)
* Tributes
* Remembrance candle (to mark special remembrance dates)
Helping you to encapsulate precious memories THAT YOU CAN re-visit with just a wave of your phone, over your card.
You can also purchase more cards to share with family and friends, to keep your pets memories alive for all those that loved and cherished them.

Price includes programming service and web hosting fee.
No monthly charges, or hidden costs.
- Please note, edits can be made, once page is programmed and published for an administration fee of £25.00.
* See demo page below-

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