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The 'Loa' Collection

Manifest Crystal Jewellery & Digital Vision Board Keyrings

The ‘Loa’ Collection, Tesoramore
Welcome To The 'Loa' Collection

Manifest Crystal Jewellery & Digital Vision Board Keyrings

Explore the 'Loa' Collection-

Luxury Handcrafted manifest crystal jewellery that is uniquely made for amplifying success, increasing energy and focus and enhancing manifest power.
So not only are you investing in a piece of jewellery when you purchase a design, but you are also investing in your future life too. At Tesoramore, we found that for the most part, crystal jewellery was quite generic, and so we wanted to create a jewellery collection that was bespoke, timeless, beautifully unique and opulent, but that also had powerful benefits.
We worked alongside top gemologists to chose the most powerful crystals for this collection, and pioneered our Exclusive digital vision board keyrings to accompany each Loa jewellery design.

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The ‘Loa’ Collection, Tesoramore

Loa Manifest digital keyring

Each one of our Loa jewellery designs comes with a FREE handcrafted Loa Manifest Digital Keyring (30mm x 30mm, 6mm depth) made using genuine lapis lazuli and clear quartz and embedded with a personalised digital vision board montage.
Up to 12 images can be included, with any song of choice.
Keyrings can be re-programmed with updated vision boards at any point for a £5.00 charge.
Can also be purchased separately
* Video example below

** Please note that all 'Loa' design completion takes 2-4 weeks. **
The ‘Loa’ Collection, Tesoramore
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