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Hampshire Events Directory- Suppliers Sign-up

Hampshire Events Directory- Suppliers Registration, Tesoramore

If you are a Hampshire based events/party supplier/service, and you would like to develop your business, expand your target audience, grow your customer base, and create a strong support network, then our directory can help you to achieve that.

Events Directories are becomingly increasingly popular with those planning events (Special occasions or corporate) as well as couples tying the knot as a way to arrange and plan their celebrations, as it is an effective and time saving tool.

They are able to just use one source in order to connect to multiple businesses, without the hassle of multiple searches. And in these busy times, this is very valuable asset.

So why choose our directory?

Our directory offers the following features-

* Your business details featured under your specific category (for optimal search results)

* 1 weekly social media 'shout out' with your social media details tagged.

* 1 weekly paid Facebook advert.

* The directory itself will be featured on advertising banners at our own events.

* Flyers for directory will be featured in venues that we collaborate with.

* Promoted in over 50 social media groups EACH WEEK, which will increase your digital traffic.

* Access to a private directory group to connect/network with likeminded businesses.

And you can get all of this for just £2.99 per month!!

(This is a fixed price, not a trial price).

Making us one of the most comprehensive, accessible and affordable Events Directories around.

Sign up here

All you have to do, to sign up is complete the directory form below, and complete payment process (by clicking buy now).

Then you will be required to provide 4 x photos (1 logo image if you have one) to either-

Or alternatively, you can send them via whatsapp by clicking the whatsapp button below-
Once you have completed this process, you will be active in our directory within 24 hours.
Please note- £2.99 per month will be debited from your account.

This is a non-contractual agreement, you can cancel at any time.
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