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Welcome to Tesoramore Memorial.

At Tesoramore, we are proud to say that we are the worlds only memorial digital specialists.

We fully understand and appreciate that when it comes to memorial jewellery and keepsakes, the entire process can be delicate, and emotional, and is a completely different to purchasing non-memorial items, and we are always honored to have been chosen to design and make people's treasured keepsakes, and ensure that the whole process is as positive and comforting as it can be from beginning to end.

When you order a memorial design with us, you are personally assigned a Memorial Care Specialist, as well as a Memorial Jewellery Artisan.

This means that both yourself, and your loved one are taken the greatest care of.

We are a family run business, and we pride ourselves on the high variety of unique designs that we offer, and the love and care that we give.

As we create and make designs 'in-house', and offer both classic designs and luxury exclusive designs we have a range to suit all, and offer the special and unique concept of FREE memorial tribute page to accompany your design which is accessed with one of our exclusive smart cards, so that you aren't only encapsulating their ashes/hair, but their treasured memories too.
Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore


When you place a memorial order with us (including pet memorial) you will receive an exclusive digital SmartScan™ jewellery box (also includes memorial pen boxes), which when scanned with your phone opens up your personalised memorial page, which can include-

* Life story

* Memories montage (which can include voice notes or video)

* Gallery (up to 25 photos)

* Tributes

* Remembrance candle (to mark special remembrance dates)

Helping you to uniquely encapsulate not only your lost loved ones cremation ashes, but their precious memories that you can re-visit with just a wave of your phone, whenever you are missing your loved one.
- Please note, edits can be made, once page is programmed and published for an administration fee of £25.00.

See digital jewellery box Demo-

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Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore

Memorial Jewellery

Tesoramore Memorial Jewelley offers beautiful bespoke designs that can include your loved ones cremation ashes/hair.
You can choose from our beautiful classic designs, or luxurious exclusive designs, to commemorate your loved ones in a beautiful and timeless way.

About Memorial Jewellery

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Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore

Digital Memorial

Our Digital Memorial Collection is EXCLUSIVE only to Tesoramore, and includes digital memorial designs, making memorial jewellery & keepsakes even more memorable.

About Digital Memorial


Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore

Steve- our memorial jewellery artisan

I have always had a passion for designing and making things, and discovered my love for creating bespoke after watching videos on youtube about jewellery artisans.

This peaked my interest in this field, and i began to extensively study this craft and hone my skills.

I had always come across memorial jewellery, but found it both limited and generic.

I especially found the options for men's memorial jewellery to be underwhelming, and when i was asked by a friend to design and make a memorial ring for them, it gave me a chance to design and make something unique and set me on a path to creating a memorial jewellery brand with my partner and co-designer Sabrina.

I feel like we are only just scratching the surface of memorial jewellery, and plan to significantly expand our exclusive collection, and to make an impact in the memorial jewellery industry with our innovative designs.

Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore

Sabrina- Our Memorial Care Specialist

As someone that has not only experienced the loss of loved ones, but also worked in grief therapy, I have a strong understanding of the grief process, and the importance of finding comfort and reassurance during sad times, and value the sentiment of memorial jewellery. however, I found the entire process to be a little impersonal, and too apathetic.

When we launched our own memorial line, I wanted the entire process to be empathetic and comforting for our clients. and that is why we offer direct contact during the process, to create a genuine connection, as I believe this is hugely important as you are entrusting your loved one into our care.

So if you aren't able to take advantage of our face-to-face service, and instead need to use our postal service option, I will instead personally call you once we have received your loved ones ashes to update you that your beloved is in our care, as well as contact you once your order is complete, and being returned.

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Our promise

Every single memorial design that we make, is meticulously and individually handcrafted or hand finished , meaning no two designs are ever the same, each one is distinctively unique.

And unlike most other memorial jewellery suppliers, we not only do all of our own in-house metal and wood work, but we also custom make designs, and create exclusive memorial gemstones at our in-house Gemstone Studio, meaning you get to do far more than just pick an item from a catalogue. you get to choose a design specifically to your taste.

In addition to this, we have also pioneered a memorial technique casting, as well as memorial gemstone crafting.

This involves delicately combining your loved ones cremation ashes/hair with finely crushed precious gemstones, and diamond dust, for a truly beautiful, classy and eye-catching setting, that goes against the grain of all over memorial jewellery, in a truly beautiful and unique way.

You can also include our jewellery reinvention service, if you have unwearable but sentimental jewellery. making our services truly bespoke.

Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore

Receiving your loved ones ashes-

Whenever you order a memorial design with us, it will automatically generate a delivery pack request. This is a free memorial pack with instructions for those that cannot attend face-to-face consultations, to explain on how to send us your loved ones cremation ashes/hair.

Each pack includes-

* 1 safe-seal tub

* 1 wooden spoon

* 1 pair of plastic gloves

* Order form

* Pre-paid return postage stamps and return address sticker.
We also offer a 'drop-off' service, for those that would prefer to hand over their loved ones ashes in person.
This is booked at our Portsmouth base.
If you would like to access this service please click button.

'drop off' service
''a little piece of love, with you wherever you go''
Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore
Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore
Funeral Services Collaboration Digital Catalogue, Tesoramore
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